Goin’ Rectal


About this case

Five boy dreams. A band. VPRO Dorst presents the documentary Goin ’Rectal about the glam rock band Rectum Raiders who, despite their blood, sweat and tears, cannot break through. Maker Dennis Alink follows Jaco, Daniël, Niek, Jeroen and Guus in their search for success and recognition and provides insight into the mutual struggle with their identity and each other’s expectations. The struggles and disappointments of the band members show a parallel with that of many millennials.

Goin ’Rectal is a realistic documentary about a band and its cucumber-eating, gay-erotic and extravagant post-adolescent band members. In this absurd spectacle, narrator Henry van Loon reflects on the choices and developments of the constantly struggling band.

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Directed by Dennis Alink

Cinematography by Thomas van der Gronde NSC

Edited by Tim Wijbenga

Color by Marco van Bergen


January 28, 2019


Feature documentaries