FIREPLACE adds cinema projection

November 15, 2019

After an extensive remodel, FIREPLACE launches its flagship grading theatre with 4K P3 cinema projection.

Following the growing demand and possibilities on cinema grading with great interest for more than a year, a JVC D-LA N7 projector has been acquired to offer the highest standard in cinema projection monitoring. While the theatre has been equipped with a projector, home entertainment or commercial projects can still be graded on the trusted Flanders Scientific screens that have built Fireplace’s track record for excellence in color accuracy.

“We’ve been looking into ways to combine our established work on our beautiful Flanders Scientific screens and came up with a design that makes it possible to use our grading theatre for both cinema and home entertainment or commercial projects.” Fireplace’s senior colourist Marco van Bergen elaborates. “Adding projection, our services have become more agile and open up a new way of servicing our cinema clients. Before, we had to move out of the grading and into the viewing theatre next door for viewing on the silver screen.”

With taking away the step to move to the viewing theatre and moving the projector into our grading theatre, films can be graded on projection real time saving time and offering our clients more creative freedom during the entire process.

“Installing this projector is a huge move for Fireplace but again shows our dedication in servicing our clients with premium quality enviornments and equipment to make their work the very best out there.”