Feature documentary “FREEK” premieres June 24th

June 5, 2019

“How long can I last?” Sings cabaret and theater veteran Freek de Jonge, who turns 75 this year. Time to make up the balance. What did he do well and can he still rectify the times that he fell short as an artist and as a person?

The new feature documentary by Dennis Alink, shot by Thomas van der Gronde NSC, premieres on limited screens by Pathé in The Netherlands on June 26th. Fireplace was proud to team up again with Dennis and Thomas to work on the grade, having previously worked on the grade and finishing for Dennis and Thomas’ previous film,‘Goin’ Rectal’

Colourist Marco van Bergen worked on our inhouse suite accompanied by Dennis and Thomas, going through a highly collaborative process to create a look that works on a technical, creative and storytelling leve. He finished the grade for cinema in a purpose built projection theatre.

For our Dutch friends, Filmkrant wrote a review of the film.

Produced by DOXY films and VPRO, distributed by GUSTO entertainment, tickets for the premiere are on sale through Pathé.